Friday, January 27, 2017

Keep STRESS at bay

Stress is a normal part of life.  It is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat.

Experiencing bouts of stress every now and then may not be all that bad but keep in mind that too much stress can badly affect your body and cause serious health problems. 
"Experiencing stress is normal. Sometimes, it may even help you perform under pressure and incite you to react to dangerous situations. However, increased levels of stress can lead to numerous health consequences like heart disease and depression, which is why it's important to know how to manage it properly," says MediCard president Dr. Nicky Montoya. 

Here are some ways to deal with stress: 

Identify stress triggers. It is essential that you identify the sources of your stress so you can begin to treat it effectively. By recognizing the problems, habits and behavior that cause stress, it will be easier for you to handle them, thus lowering your level of stress.  

Eat a balanced diet. Oftentimes, when people experience stress, they tend to immediately find comfort in eating sugary and fatty food like chips and sweets. However, consuming these will just make you lethargic, which may make you less motivated to deal with stress. On the other hand, low-fat, high-fiber and low-glycemic index food and plenty of fruits and vegetables help reduce stress as these types of food increase the body hormones that naturally fight it. 

Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress. Sleeping is another stress buster because it allows the body to recharge and recover from the day's stressful events. Dr. Montoya recommends that it is best to get 6-8 hours of sleep daily. 

Exercise. To combat stress, you need to work out consistently. Exercise not only keeps stressors at bay, but also improves your mood and increases your endorphins which may help relieve pain and trigger a positive disposition. In addition to going to the gym, you can try dancing, jogging or taking a short walk near your home or office. 

Get a massage. A massage not only relaxes your body, but it may also shift your thoughts away from the things that cause stress. According to research, a massage can help release endorphins, lower your heart rate and blood pressure as well as relax tight and painful muscles.  

Communicate with someone. One of the best ways to handle stress is talking the situation through with someone. Opening up about your stress to a friend or loved one -- even for a minute -- can significantly improve your mood. 

Take deep breaths. Relaxing and taking deep breaths have been proven to effectively fight off stress. Dr. Montoya suggests taking 15 minutes every day to sit and practice relaxation techniques, deep breathing or yoga. 

Surya Fitness & Yoga, located at MediCard Lifestyle Center in Makati City, offers a revitalizing retreat for people seeking relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. They provide hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga and basic yoga classes. 

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Novuhair wants you to understand your hair: Free hair and scalp analysis

Other than your face, your hair is one of the first thing that other people notices, this very reason is why most people take extra effort in caring for their mane, but are you doing enough?

A hair salon is one of the usual places that a person would go to whenever they need to have their hair fixed, this is typical if you just need a relief from a bad hair day or to mend your split ends. What if your hair needs a more extensive solution such as for your hair loss?

Several factors can cause hair loss and understanding your lifestyle pattern may help remedy your condition.
· Stress is the most common factor in temporary hair loss.
· Incorrect use of hair products with harmful chemicals
· Childbirth also causes temporary hair loss
· Cosmetic procedures such as Rebonding, Perming, Bleaching and Dyeing
· Autoimmune diseases such as Alopecia.
· Medical treatment such as chemotherapy and Beta-blockers 
· Medical conditions such as Lupus, Diabetes, Anorexia and Anemia can also cause hair loss
Say goodbye to hair loss and scalp problems with Novuhair, natures answer to hair loss. 

Novuhair is made with 19 natural ingredients that include moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, virgin coconut oil and the natural essences of rosemary and peppermint and almost 100% natural.
Novuhair nourishes the scalp and hair by increasing the flow of nutrients and improving blood circulation to the scalp. Novuhair also helps hydrate the scalp, maintain the hair’s natural luster and prevent early hair graying, hair dryness and itching. It also penetrates deep to rejuvenate the hair follicles, provides optimum nutrition to help combat hair loss and/or thinning of hair, improves blood circulation in the scalp which contributes to the stimulation of hair growth.

This new year, give your hair a resolution and have your hair and scalp analyzed in order to check for problems. Novuhair, is offering a series of free hair and scalp analysis is various locations, check their monthly schedule at , Facebook page:   , Instagram: @NovuhairOfficial or on Twitter: @NovuhairNatural. You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575.
Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are available in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For online purchases, visit and

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Choose to be healthy...Choose Bewell-C


The New Year gives us another chance at a fresh start. After the unhealthy lifestyle during the holidays, our immune system is just starting to recuperate and get back to normal. One sure way to speed up its recovery is to take optimum levels of Vitamin C.

But did you know, that when taking Vitamin C, we have to be careful of several factors such as the type and quality of Vitamin C because not all vitamin C are the same!

The most common type of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. This type of vitamin C has been by far, the cheapest form of Vitamin C, but did you know that when taken at higher quantities, ascorbic acid is not exempted from harmful side effects. Diarrhea, Nausea, Stomach Cramps, Headache, Hyperacidity, Hot flushes and Heartburn are just some of the symptoms of taking too much ascorbic acid.

In the recent decade, Sodium Ascorbate has given the public the safest and most effective type of vitamin C. Bewell-C (Sodium Ascorbate) is a non-acidic Vitamin C supplement that is rapidly gaining popularity among the public as a high quality and effective brand. Bewell-C is the next generation vitamin C that provides all the benefits of vitamin C without the risk of hyperacidity.

Doctors recommend that we take 2 capsules per day of Bewell-C. Some people require a higher dose per day if they are experiencing the following:

People suffering from Flu virus are recommended to take 6 capsules of Bewell-C per day and 4 capsules while recovering from flu. Whereas, those who are suffering from colds and cough are recommended to take at least 6 capsules until they have recovered.
Research study also pointed out that most healthy adults get a cold two or three times a year and taking large doses of Vitamin C daily shortens the duration of colds.

Smokers and Alcohol Drinkers
Alcohol, Nicotine and other substance in cigarette causes cell damage and drains vitamins and nutrition from your body.
Smokers and those who often drink alcohol experience lower immune system and are susceptible to various diseases thus, they are required to take at least 4 capsules of Bewell-C to help maintain their health.

People who underwent surgery are recommended to take high doses of Vitamin C as much as 6 capsules Bewell-C daily to hasten wound healing. Vitamin C is essential in the formation of new connective tissue in healing wound.

For those who need both Vitamin C and Calcium, Bewell-C plus calcium is also available in the market. Just like Bewell-C, this product also uses non-acidic vitamin C paired with organic calcium fortified with Vitamin D for stronger bones and teeth.

Bewell-C and Bewell-C Plus Calcium is available in all leading drugstores nationwide and on Online Shopping:

For more updates, follow their FB:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Aster Clinic is first outpatient clinic in the Philippines granted with an ISO 9001:2015 by TUV Rheinland

Aster Clinic marks a milestone as the first outpatient clinic in the country to receive an ISO 9001:2015 certification from the reputable German company TUV Rheinland. 

Coincidentally awarded at the turn of 30th global anniversary of its parent company, Aster DM Healthcare LLC based in UAE, Joyce Alumno, Country Manager of Aster DM Healthcare Philippines, identified the company’s unwavering core values, world-class standards, excellent patient experience, and technological advances in patient care as the advantages that awarded them the newest quality management system certification.

The ISO 9001:2015 is the most difficult certification process so far and TUV Rheinland is one of the most reputable certification firms that awards such. 

The newest certification requires a holistic, rigid procedure as it looks into how a company manages potential risks, aside from conforming to international standards and other crucial criteria for assessment. 

“It was not easy to pass the 9001:2015 commendations. We had to go through a tough process, which required us to document everything. However, with our existing international standards, we were given the TUV Rheinland approval after six months. Usually, assessments can go up to two years,” Alumno said. 

World-class standards as guiding principles for superiority
Alumno said that Aster Clinic is guided by standards that have been around for 30 years. “Aster DM Healthcare established a certain level of quality as benchmarks for about 300 Aster units located around the globe. We are guided by six core values, including integrity, passion, respect, compassion, excellence and unity that we have ingrained in our system and culture since we started operating.”

Although Aster Clinic is just one year old in the country, its foundation is based on the standards set by their international counterparts in different parts in the world. 

Excellence and as a core value of the trusted brand
Among Aster Clinic’s core values, excellence is given emphasis as it highlights the quality and superiority of the company in patient care. 

“Excellence is our most important norm. As we aim to give the best service to our customers, we continue to improve our standards. We set the benchmarks and we further raise it. Our goal is to continuously develop as a global company and that Quality is a culture in Aster and the company puts a premium on service as this is what Aster DM Healthcare is known for.  

Technological advances in patient care
“We’ll treat you well.” This is the proposition of Aster Clinic in the Philippines. But, more than just a marketing tagline, Aster Clinic has added more value to its goal of treating its patients well by introducing best practices that uses technology.

The Clinic Information System (CIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are technological breakthroughs in the company that have been recognized for its efficiency to patient care. 

The CIS and EMR are systems for recording and keeping patients’ health information like laboratory results, medical check-up appointments, and even x-ray images. The information can be tracked by patients through the internet or their smartphones, which saves time, effort and costs on the part of the patients. The doctors can quickly refer to the patients’ records.

“We have top-of-the-line machines and equipment to back this modern system. The technology is created by the Aster group and is unique to the company. These technologies help eliminate errors and the switching of results. It is proven and tested to be efficient and effective,” Alumno said.

Aster Philippines looks into more opportunities
“The ISO 9001:2015 certification is not just a marketing strategy for Aster Clinic. The company wants to make sure that they are setting the bar for international standards for outpatient clinics, thus we deemed it necessary to be certified by none less than TUV Rheinland. 

Our greatest goal is to gain customer satisfaction through our excellent services. 

Through the ISO certification, we are confident that we will deliver the best satisfaction that our patients would like to experience,” Alumno emphasized.

Meanwhile, the company is planning to expand in the country and will open three more branches in February next year.

“We want to become a chain of outpatient clinics while we look for opportunities of building hospitals and pharmacies because that’s what we have within our network. If the market is good, we are planning to do this in Metro Manila and in some key cities in the country” Alumno said.

Alumno added that the company will continue to promote its services, especially among the young adults as they recognize the increase of chronic or lifestyle diseases among this age group. 

With an ISO 9001:2015 certification on its company wall, Aster Clinic in the Philippines is hopeful that these plans will be part of the future.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Win P50,000 with Ever Bilena’s BIG Beauty Challenge

Christine Gem Anicas (week 3 winner)

If you are a budding artist,make-up lover, or video blogger. Then, you might be the next BIG winner to win Big cash prize with Ever Bilena's BIG Beauty Challenge like Christine Gem Anicas (week 3 winner)

Unleash your inner artist and win big cash prizes as Ever Bilena dares you to experiment with different looks through The BIG Beauty Challenge – a weekly make-up tutorial video contest following different themes. 

Open to video bloggers, aspiring and professional make-up artists residing in the Philippines, the contest requires participants to create a tutorial video on how to do a complete make-up look, following a specific theme, using only Ever Bilena products. 

Ever Bilena, the leading local cosmetics brand, carries Ever Bilena Advance, a full range of make-up essentials for young professionals; Ever Bilena Naturals for skin care; Careline cosmetics for teens; Blackwater for fragrance and other personal care products.   

The contest, which began on the first week of December and will end on the last week of February, will test the creativity of the participants as they create their versions of Ever Bilena’s weekly theme which will be announced every Monday on Ever Bilena’s Facebook page

One winner will be announced every week and will take home P10,000 cash. 

Weekly winners will qualify for the grand finals where the grand prize winner will take home P50,000 along with three winners who will win P10,000 for Special Award; P15,000 for 2nd runner-up; and P30,000 for the 1st runner up. 

Entries must be public and uploaded on Facebook with hashtags #EBBigBeautyChallenge and #EverBilena and tag Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. 

Participants will be judged based on the following criteria: 

40% most number of Ever Bilena products             used in the video
30% creativity
20% make-up executions and skills
10% most number of views and shares. 

Show off your inner artist and join the biggest and most beautiful challenge this season!
To know more about Ever Bilena and The BIG Beauty Challenge, visit Ever Bilena’s website,   and Facebook page